You Are Worth More

A couple weeks ago, a girl told me she was debating on whether to continue an abusive relationship or not. While that might sound strange to those on the outside, to her, it was a struggle. In a heartfelt, yet offhanded comment, I told her that she was worth more than that relationship. And guys, you should’ve seen her eyes light up. I don’t say this to pat myself on the back. Rather, I say it because it made me realize a few things.

A) Our words have immeasurable power. Period. Use them to build up and not to tear down.

B) This sweet girl acted like no one had told her she was worth more. Maybe no one has.

C) There is a world of hurt going on outside my paradisiacal bubble if I would only look.

You Are Worth More - Janette Foreman

There is a song by Tenth Avenue North called “You Are More.” I love this band and their poignant lyrics. This song especially strikes me deep. A line in the song says, “You are more than the sum of your past mistakes”. Oh, how true that phrase rings.

This Christmas season, try to look past all the bustle of purchases, travel plans, baking, and decorating. Try to really see people and meet their true needs. Friendship. Support. A smile. A hug. Prayer. Laughter. Kind words. Invitations to spend quality time with you.

And if you are in need of those things this Christmas, know that I am praying for you. Friends, you are worth more than past mistakes. You are worth more than the hand life has dealt you. You are worth more than the ugly thoughts you might tell yourself. You are worth so, so, so much more. Because you were made in the image of God. We all are. And God doesn’t make junk.

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