When Life Knocks the Wind from Your Sails

Today I received another rejection. This is simply a part of the writing journey–I’ve received others before, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. But for some reason, this one hit me harder than the others. Maybe I wasn’t expecting it. Maybe I was starting to believe that dreams were coming true and then I was blindsided. Who knows. But in light of this disappointment, I wanted to share with you some reminders and positive ways to react when Life knocks the wind from your sails.

When Life Knocks the Wind From Your Sails

1. Dreams ARE coming true. This is a matter of perspective. Sure, I have a dream of one day holding a published book of fiction in my hands. But what other dreams do I have? To be partnered with a trusted and knowledgeable agent, have supportive critique partners, a strong sense of who I am as a writer, to finish a couple manuscripts I would probably put my name on. You know what? With God’s help, I have all these things. I am so thankful! When you feel like nothing is going right, stop and tally off a list of the blessings surrounding you. You’ll be surprised what you find!

2. Find a support system. Family, friends, and fellow writers–these people help you through the tough times, and in turn, you’ll help them through theirs.

3. Stay busy with future projects. You never know when the ‘right’ project will finally work. Continue to strive for your goal, laboring as you go. When goals like publication, if you are writing even in the famine months, one day, you’ll have plenty of back material to choose from for those days of feasting.

4. It’s one bump in the road. Things will smooth out again. Yes, acknowledge your disappointment. It’s normal. But don’t linger there. Remember in the grand scheme of life, this disappointment isn’t the end–it’s one bump in a long road. Sometimes I get nervous that my story will never be published. I hinge my hopes on getting that contract. But let’s really think about it… if this story never reaches readers, what’s the worse that will happen? Was it still worth writing? Did I grow and learn from the experience? Am I able to write more books in the future and try publishing again? It’s a matter of perspective. Bloom where you’re planted.

Your Turn:

What do you do when you’re disappointed?

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