Strategies to Leave the Writing Doldrums Behind

Want to leave the doldrums behind in your manuscript? Here are some ideas!

Strategies to get you out of the doldrums

Strategies to Leave the Writing Doldrums Behind - My website1. Push through it.
2. Pick a different scene in the story. Worry about transition scenes later.
3. Type in a different font.
4. Break up the monotony by doing a load of dishes or other activity in between scenes.
5. Change your music selection.
6. Change your writing location. You were in the living room sofa? Try the dining room table for a bit. Or even go to a library or coffee shop if that is possible for you. Write outside, etc.
7. Write one scene from a different genre. Even if it’s not something you’ll keep, writing in another genre, maybe even reading in it, can cleanse your pallet, so to speak.
8. Get more tea or coffee. You might not have enough caffeine. I’m only partially joking….
9. Brainstorm big. Play the What If game. Don’t let limits define your scenes. Maybe you don’t want to write your scenes for a reason… maybe they are too boring. What’s a spark you can add to make them more interesting? A secret, a ticking time bomb, romantic tension, etc. As yourself, how can I make it harder on my characters?
10. Switch scenes with a friend. If they’re stuck, too, switch scenes. See what happens. They may throw in a wrench you never thought of. I did this once with a friend, and she set fire to my character’s cornfield, ultimately burning down the house, too! Talk about a major plot twist. And it worked. I kept it, and it set the tone for the rest of the story.

 YOUR TURN: What other tips?

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