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My Dream Reading Nook - Author Janette Foreman

These days, as a mother of the coolest baby twin boys ever, I don’t get as much time to pleasure read as I used to. And I’m a SLOW reader. Anyone else relate?

So, I tend to catch my reading in whatever place I can get it. On the couch after the boys go to bed, at the park in my car while the boys nap, or while we’re walking with the stroller . . . I read in snippets.

Which is fine. I’m not complaining! But when I dream about having a special all-to-myself reading nook, it sounds wonderful!

If I were to have my dream reading nook, this is what it would look like:

–Hidden Outdoors

Okay, so I know this isn’t practical, because I live in the Great White North. But it’s my dream, so I’m going to say it’s nice all year round. Maybe Capri weather on some days, sweatshirt weather on others. The foliage can match the weather—vibrant flowers when it’s warm and colorful leaves when it’s crisp.

–An Overstuffed Arm Chair

Something without any hard corners. Something I can curl up in sideways, or rock, or recline. Preferably in a rich, autumn pattern or something cutesy and current.

–Endless Supply of Beverages

Mainly warm ones like coffee (with lots of sweet creamer) and sometimes peppermint tea, but also ice water and the occasional Dr. Pepper!

–Endless Supply of Christian Romances

And, of course, what is a dream reading nook without my favorite genre? Historical or contemporary is fine–as long as it’s about a romance! (Read about some of my all-time favorite Christian Historical Romances here!)

There you have it . . . My Dream Reading Nook. 

What does yours look like? Tell me in the comments!

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