How to Impact Your Readers in a Powerful Way

If you had one thing to say to the world, what would it be?

Figure out what that is and infuse that message into all that you write. I’m talking books, blog posts, social media, etc. What do you want your legacy as a writer to look like?

Start now.

What is Your Core Message?
At first glance your core message may sound like your ‘Why,’ but they are two very different things. Your Why is the reason you do what you do. The core message is the story you share with the world. By story, I don’t mean a specific book or series… I’m talking about the story that defines your life. It inspires your why. Your core message covers your entire body of works. It is a message so ingrained in your every book, your every blog post, your every social media post, that it can’t help but come from the core of your being. Makes sense? Sometimes your core story stems from a lesson you learned in your childhood. When that lesson becomes so strong within you, you have to share it with your readers in every way you interact together.

Example of a Core Message
For example, my core message is “worth found in Jesus.” I try to only send out messages into the world that have an underlying theme of worthiness, that people are worth something simply because they are people… not because of their accomplishments or their failures but because they are human. This message became important to me in high school and college when certain events happened in my life that caused me to realize this truth about myself and others. It’s the reason I am telling you about it now. I want you as a writer to feel confident in yourself and in your writing, and understand what you’re writing and who you’re writing it for. So you see, this writing gig is not just about pitching and getting published; it’s about touching lives, first and foremost. My hope for you as a writer is to touch lives with the message that is so deeply ingrained in you. That is how you build an authentic brand and an aligned life.

Now what?
I want you to sit down and think through your life. Pinpoint at least one but preferably two or three memorable moments from your past that had such a powerful effect on you that it changed your outlook moving forward. This may be a difficult exercise for some, and I apologize for that, but at the same time it is so important to understand why you are the way you are… to understand why it is so important to share with the world the message that comes from your core. Your experience might be positive or negative but the end result, the lesson you learned, has influenced the way you communicate with people. That way only you can communicate with people. 

What are the topics you keep circling back to when you get into deep discussions with people? Or the deep questions you ponder when you are alone? What Truth do you refuse to set aside idly and never say a word about? This is a part of your core message.

Once you figure out what your core message is, and what your Why is, write them down and figure out how they manifest themselves in the story you’re currently writing. How they manifest themselves in your social media posts. In your blog.

For example, let’s pretend your core message is that the underdog should have every possible chance to win. In the story you are writing, about a young boy at school who has a learning disability, your core message might be played out in the way he overcomes obstacles to succeed. The Why for writing this book might be a friend of yours whose son is dealing with this issue. Maybe you want your readers to understand where people like your friend’s son are coming from, and you long for kids like him to receive the chances others receive. Does that make sense?

You do not need to spell out your message to anyone beyond yourself unless you absolutely want too, but keep it in mind the next time you sit down to write. I even challenge you to keep it in mind as you write back cover copy, or a thank you letter to a fan. Let it infiltrate all that you do and say. Then you’ll impact your readers in a powerful, unique way and you’ll feel authentic in what you’re doing.

How to Impact Your Readers in a Powerful Way - Author Branding and The Why behind writing and the Core Message. The theme of your life. Author Janette Foreman at

Let me know your thoughts!

Have you defined your core message? How does it impact your work?

What questions do you have?

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