Today’s Endangered Word:


{kuh-LIJ-uh-nuss. Adjective;
also noun form is Caliginosity}


 Caliginous Pic Oxford

Picture citation: http://www.lexicolatry.com/2013/12/caliginous-befogged-bedarkened.html
Mid 16th century
Very rare


Just one look at the picture, and I bet you can guess what caliginous means–or at least have a pretty strong idea. It’s a great word picture, one that suspense/horror writers and movie directors capitalize on. It’s more of an atmosphere that sets the mood than anything else. Think dark alleys and Jack the Ripper.


A combination of misty, dim, murky, obscure, and dark

Used in a sentence:

I quaked in my boots as I walked in the caliginous evening.

Word and some descriptions are taken from
Endangered Words: A Collection of Rare Gems for Book Lovers
by Simon Hertnon.

Your turn: Make up a sentence for us, using the word CALIGINOUS!



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