Decoration Day in Spearfish

I’m excited to share with you this photo of downtown Spearfish, SD in 1885, two years before my book BENEATH THE COTTONWOODS takes place.

What you see is a Decoration Day celebration. What is that holiday, you might ask? Well, it’s what we now call . . . wait for it . . . Memorial Day! 

If you’ve been to Spearfish, you might be familiar with the location of this photo. These fine folks are standing on Main Street and Hudson. Actually, in 1885, the streets were called SIXTH and H. 

See that tall building in the background? This is the Bank of Spearfish, one of the first brick buildings in town . . . and one of the settings in BENEATH THE COTTONWOODS, but that’s another post!

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the Bank of Spearfish while driving through town, I’m sorry to say that you can’t. Instead, you’ll be visiting a one-story brick building (It does still have a corner entrance, though, which I think is pretty great.). 

Do you like to look at old photos of your hometown? What are some neat “treasures” you have found?

Photograph from!i=838859253&k=VrTDspW

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