Dear Reader: Chasing Your Dreams

Dear Reader,

You are worthy of your dreams.

Sometimes we tell ourselves we’re not.

We say we aren’t talented enough, not practiced enough, to “make it big.” That no one would want to see us dance, hear us sing, read our stories. That we’re little fish in a great big pond.

And you know what? That in part could be true, but that’s beside the point.

Even if your dreams depend on someone else to happen, reaching for them does not.

If you tell yourself you’re not worth your dreams, then how will you even try?

You want these things but you’ll never have them if you never muster the courage, never hustle, never believe.

Believe in yourself and in the plan.

Friend, you are worth your dreams. Give them a try. You have a 100% chance of them not coming true if you never take a step forward.

The world may just surprise you and accept your dream.

Take a step. You can do it. I believe in you!

What is the dream of your heart?

What does “chasing” that dream look like?


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