BOOK REVIEW: Hearts Made Whole

Hearts Made Whole - Jody Hedlund - Cover

I give “Hearts Made Whole” 4.5 out of 5 lighthouses.

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I read Jody Hedlund’s “Hearts Made Whole” and enjoyed it quite a bit. I love Bethany House Publishers and the quality work they produce, plus I have enjoyed Jody Hedlund’s work for quite some time as well.

Things I Liked the Most

I enjoyed the romance–I thought it was strong (still considered Christian romance, though may be a bit too steamy for some’s taste), and I thought the characters had to work for their happily ever after. The characters were flawed, the hero sometimes teetering on ‘too’ flawed. But he does deal with substance abuse and learning to give that up, so his ‘flawed’ nature made complete sense. I thought the heroine was strong and wanted to do what was right. I can see how frustrated she would be if put in her situation, loving the lighthouse that she must turn over to someone who isn’t as experienced as she.

Things I Didn’t Like Much

I was a little frustrated with the mystery angle. I guessed it from the beginning, so I felt like a lot of the red herrings were a bit too obvious for my personal taste. I also really struggled with the image of the abused duck… I won’t go into detail in case you haven’t read it, but it’s still engrained in my mind, poor thing!


The book was worth the read. Jody is a skilled writer and creates strong stories rooted in real history.

I received this book free from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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