22 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors

We all have favorite authors, but sometimes we just don’t know how to support them. Or maybe we know of one or two ways, but we want to do more. Here is a list of ways you could support your favorite authors. And trust me, in this crazy world of publishing, they need their readers’ support!

22 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors

  1. Buy extra copies to give away to friends and family.
  2. Promote their current release on Pinterest.
  3. Promote their current release on Facebook.
  4. Promote their current release on Twitter.
  5. Promote their current release on Instagram.
  6. Give your favorite author a “cyber-hug.” Tell them how much you love the book! They’ll appreciate the encouragement.
  7. Leave reviews on Goodreads.
  8. Leave reviews on Amazon.
  9. Write a review on your own blog.
  10. Invite the author to be interviewed on your blog. **If you invite authors to your blog, ask yourself how you can be courteous to them. Remember to link back to their websites and social media sites. Do your part to promote them, not just you and your website.
  11. Ask your library to carry their books.
  12. Ask your local bookstore to stock their books.
  13. Promote their backlist on Pinterest.
  14. Promote their backlist on Facebook.
  15. Promote their backlist on Twitter.
  16. Promote their backlist on Instagram.
  17. Mention on social media when the author has a special sale/promotion.
  18. Tell friends about the books and how much you love them.
  19. Comment on the author’s blog posts.
  20. Share their book posts on Facebook.
  21. Retweet their tweets on Twitter.
  22. Buy their books from the publisher. (I’ve been told it helps the publishers, so they can continue producing more books!)


Your Turn!

What ways have I missed?

What’s your favorite way to support an author?

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2 comments on “22 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors

  1. Recommend it to your book club as a potential discussion book

    If it is in audiobook format – suggest that the Library of Congress – National Library Service for the Blind – add it into their collection. To speak to a librarian in your area during regular business hours, call 1-888-NLS-READ (1-888-657-7323) (toll free) and follow the prompts. Your call will be connected to the appropriate library.

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