What the Cowboy Wore

What the Cowboy Wore

I thought I’d take a break from Spearfish history to fill you in on the proper attire of a cowboy. For the next several History Thursday blog posts, we will sift through a western cowboy’s wardrobe. Not only will we look at each piece individually, but we’ll talk about the function. I mean, do you […]


Endangered Words A Collection of Rare Gems for Book Lovers “Pluviose” {PLOO-vee-ohs or PLOO-vee-ohz. Adjective} Late 19th century Very rare I love this word. Something about it makes it fun to say.  ~ According to the book Endangered Words by Simon Hertnon, pluviosity is the noun.  And what does it mean? “Of, relating to, or characterized by rain; […]


ENDANGERED WORDS A Collection of Rare Gems for Book Lovers “Curglaff” {KUR-glahff. Noun} Late 18th century Extremely rare Curglaff seems like a sound someone would say when surprised or frustrated, don’t you think?  Curglaff! Well, you’d be partially correct. ~ According to the book Endangered Words by Simon Hertnon, Curglaff is Scottish.  And what does […]