16 Ways Authors Can Support Readers

Last month, I wrote a post about 22 ways readers can support their favorite authors. Now, I’m speaking to the authors themselves. Did you know there are helpful ways you can support your readers, too?

Let’s face it. Readers are the reason for your career as a writer. They buy your books and grapple for more (oftentimes taking 6 hours to read what took you 6 months to write). They squeal and grin when they meet you at conferences, conventions, and book signings. And because of social media, they feel closer to you than ever before. They’re an important facet of your writing life, so below, I’ve listed 16 ways authors can support their readers.

16 Ways Authors Can Support Readers

  1. Write riveting books
  2. Deliver in your genre
  3. Write your heart into your stories (Readers want to connect with you.)
  4. Retweet fans’ tweets about you on Twitter
  5. Promote the times you’re guest posting on someone’s blog
  6. Offer giveaways or discounts as a thank you (when appropriate. Don’t give everything away all the time.)
  7. Respond to fans on Facebook
  8. ‘Like’ fans’ posts about you on Facebook
  9. Respond to readers’ comments on your blog
  10. Respond to readers’ comments on the blog for which you’re guest posting
  11. Say “thank you” often and with grace, in person or online
  12. Respond to reader emails
  13. Dedicate a place on your website for reader participation (example: pictures of readers with your books, memes that readers create of your books, etc. Examples of this concept in practice: Jody Hedlund’s Extras for Readers and coloring book artist Johanna Basford’s Colouring Gallery)
  14. Dedicate a place on your website where readers can find out behind the scenes information about your books. (Example of this concept in practice:  Anne Elizabeth Stengl’s Tales of Goldstone Wood Extras)
  15. Offer a newsletter (only a small amount per year) with reader-centered information (such as exclusive/early information, snippets of future books, announcements, devotionals, funny personal stories, etc.)
  16. Overall, having a willingness to CONNECT

Your turn!

What did I miss? What other ways can authors support readers?

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